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Peter Fergus-Moore

In case, you're wondering, THAT (look left) is an eolipile. A 3000-year-old steam engine (credited to Hero of Athens) that did absolutely nothing but make a lot of noise and produce clouds of steam. It hissed and sputtered, and that was it. But steam is a very powerful entity, as humanity discovered when a means was found to make the superheated water drive pistons and turbines and suchlike.

The activity of writing is very much like an eolipile in action. It consists of a solitary figure tapping at keys  or scribbling with pen and paper, or staring off into space. Sometimes groaning and tapping fingers nervously on the desk. Sometimes chuckling and smiling. But on the face of it, profoundly uninteresting. Even to other writers. But the activity of writing creates powerful entities and is therefore powerful by association, just as the ornamental toy eolipile is powerful when associated with steam engines.

So I called my publishing venture Eolipile. It's original, unique, and a bit hard to pronounce. Try ee-OH-lee-PILE, to rhyme with "He owes a pile". Welcome!


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